Hemlock School - General Updates
We had a successful 1st PTA meeting with a turnout of over 70 people! Thanks to all of you who attended. Ms. Bellovin spoke on "Educating the Whole Child"; ways to teach and prepare our children in the face of an ever changing future.

Please join us on Oct. 29th and 30th from 10-noon to help plant spring bulbs and fall plants. If you would like to help, contact Catalina (catmueller28@hotmail.com) or Allyson (allydill@optonline.net)so they can arrange to have your child sent out to see you.

Interview Committee
Anyone interested in joining the interview committee for new hires should contact Judy Keenan 747-3554.

Nominating Committee
Anyone interested in the Nominating Committee for PTA Board Positions for the 2008-09 year should contact Ronda D'Antonio at 747-2526 or apptvpnominating@gardencitypta.org.

Blood drive information for donors:
GCTA/PTA Blood Drive
Tuesday, November 13th
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
High School Gym
Questions or to sign up - contact - Ronda D'Antonio apptvp-nominating@gardencitypta.org

Reflections Contest
Reflections Contest deadline Fri. 11/16. Info packets available on main PTA website. This year's theme is "I can make a difference by..."

Please note the following information from Hemlock SEPTA rep, Kathy Martinus:
Welcome to SEPTA! A place for people interested in children with educational needs that cannot be met in the regular classroom setting or who receive additional services while in a regular classroom settings.
Do you have a question for SEPTA? Want to learn more? Do you have a child advocacy question? Please contact Kathy Martinus 873- 1717.

Margo Padala
Hemlock PTA Director

Upcoming Dates
10/30 Voluntary bulb planting 10-noon
10/31 Halloween Storybook Character Parade
11/2 Photo make-up day 8:30-11:00
11/5 Parent-teacher conferences 7-9pm
11/6 Election Day- school closed. P/T conferences 9am-12pm
11/12 Veteran's Day- school closed
11/13 P/T conferences 6:30-8:30pm
11/17 PTA Sportswear pick-up HS cafe. 12:30-4:30pm
11/22-23 Thanksgiving recess
11/28 General PTA Meeting 7pm HS- Topic TBA.

Character Education
The Primary Character Education Program, developed by the Primary Site-based Team, is a program in which the 3 themes of "Relationships, Responsibility and Respect" are highlighted throughout the year, with each month focusing on a particular character triat.

Each student has his or her own “Passport to Good Character” in which he or she may receive recognition from any adult in the building in the form of a signature or sticker when exhibiting one of these traits. The goal of this is to provide children with a personal motivation for behavior associated with good character. In addition, teachers, administrators, and school psychologists reinforce monthly themes throughout the school year through literature, class discussions, and school-wide assemblies.

Both the staff and children look forward to continuing the Character Education Program throughout the year.

The monthly traits are as follows:
Sept.- friendship
Oct.- sharing
Nov.- kindness
Dec.- caring
Jan.- cooperation
Feb.- honesty
Mar.- fairness
Apr.- acceptance
May.- courage
June- appreciation

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